An Emotion Code Session

First we’ll take a look at the problem, then create a question. “Are there trapped emotions connected to ______________?” Are there trapped emotions blocking me from ________________?” Fill in the blank with virtually any physical or emotional issue. Or you may be feeling blocked on your career path or from accomplishing a project. If there is a Heart Wall, getting it cleared can have a positive impact on any troubling issue. Then we’ll discover the trapped emotion/s by muscle testing. The muscle testing method I use most is proxy testing–acting in place of the person being tested. Proxy testing works a bit like cell phones allowing our bodies to ‘dial’ someone else and create an energetic connection with them. (Using this method of testing allows sessions to be done in person or virtually.) Once the trapped emotion is identified the magnet will be traced along the Governing Meridian (down the spine). Releasing these trapped emotions can make conditions right for healing, so that physical or emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.