Welcome to my site! I am so glad you have visited!

My name is Zandra Loggins and I came to reflexology after a major head surgery that yielded a miraculous recovery from many years of pain. I had lived with a dislocated jaw for 20 years! But during this time I learned much- for pain is often our greatest teacher. It encouraged me to turn inward, untie some knots and learn forgiveness and compassion. It prepared me for and set me on this path of helping others and experience healing.

My path to reflexology began in 1998 to The Heal center Atlanta and a few years later received national certification from the American Reflexology Certification Board. I practice  and tech the Zollinger meth of reflexology which focuses on a system-by-system approach that encourages deep relaxation, increases circulation, assists in detoxification and helps the body biologically correct itself.

Also, after ineffectively exploring essential oils on my own for five years, I returned The Heal Center in 2003 to study Aromatherapy. I furthered my aromatherapy education by completing the Advanced Graduate Program at Aromahead Institute. I love creating customized essential oil blends for my clients which can be used during their reflexology sessions and taken home to support them between sessions. Along with message oil blends, stock blends, inhalers and sprays are great products for supporting the body by nourishing, protecting and resolving acute issues.

I am also a certified Emotion Code practitioner- an amazing energy healing technique that helps to identify and literally release harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal- both physically and emotionally.

I am happy and healthy, and being on this path makes me says “Yes!” I look forward to hearing from you and my love, joy & peach abound-